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The project was about the landscape design of the courtyard of Saint Pararskevi church, in Nea Pedeli, Athens. The landscape proposal is inspired by the Saint who is the patron saint of the eyes, the particular church function and the natural landscape of Pedeli Mountain. Therefore, 3 main thematic gardens were proposed:

The main concerns were a) to hide the unpleasant views and therefore to reinforce the boundaries with tall hedges, b) to be as minimal as possible concerning the planting design and as a result to limit the needs for a heavy maintenance, c) to use xerophytic plants to minimize the water needs, d) and the implementation of the idea to be in a reasonable cost as well as its maintenance.

The garden of St Paraskevi - Plants of the Bible: The garden is located nearby the main entrance of the courtyard and it is dedicated to St Paraskevi, who was born in a village near Rome during the times of Emperor Andrianus (117-138m. X). The proposal is inspired by the Italian gardens, therefore shrubs characteristic of the Mediterranean landscape combined with olives and cypress trees are planted. The selected plant species are referred to the Bible and have special medicinal properties.

Pedeli Mountain’s Flora: At the North-North West part of the courtyard plant species indigenous of the Pedeli Mountain are selected. In a lower part of the courtyard, a semi extensive type of green roof is proposed, creating a more private area for the pupils of the community having their church lessons.

Aromatic gardens: At the East part of the church, a hedge of aromatic shrubs is proposed. Most of the area is open to pedestrian movement and car parking. However, the existing trees are protected and enhanced by the plantation of the same species.


Cultral Landscapes



Ν. Pedeli, Attica


200 m2



10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

Τ-F 2106136246


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