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The landscape design project was implemented by Katerina Gkoltsiou in collaboration with Eva Papadimitriou, Agricultural Engineer and Landscape Architect, and it was commissioned by the Prefecture of Aitoloakarnanias in Greece, according to the Decision No. 597/28-1-2010. The study area extends from downstream Acheloos River up the estuary of Stratos dam.


The landscape design proposal aimed to enhance the germination and reproduction of various planting types found in the wetlands of the region. Initially, the existing habitats were conserved and then their amelioration and rejuvenation was proposed. The planting strategy has sought to enhance and preserve the scrub vegetation along the canal, by planting the embankments of the river and to create buffer zones along the perimeter of the site in order to filter dust and reduce noise.


The restoration philosophy was based on developing and enhancing the natural and cultural potential of the site. This was achieved by the design of multi-purpose land-uses, recreational activities, footpath and road network. As a result, the area was devoted to its people.  Specific entrances were planned, with information points and adequate signs, providing all the necessary information about the history and environmental ecosystems of the site. Structure planting was enhanced in order to integrate the new installations and the earthwork scheme to the landscape, to protect the fragile ecosystems, to raise environmental awareness and to create opportunities for environmental education.


The master plan provided solutions about the maintenance of indigenous plants and animal species, the protection of the biodiversity and waterways, the accessibility and the connection of various areas for recreation purposes. In line with these goals, the main types of wetland vegetation were carefully selected for the design of artificial lakes. More specifically, characteristic species of reeds and rushes were proposed in order to form a shelter for several animal species and wet meadows were designed since they were considered important habitat for herons and wading birds. All these types were connected with a network of walkways.


Landscape Restoration



Stratos Dam, Acheloos



10 D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

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