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The estate is located at Kalivia in Attica, Greece and expands to an area of 60 ha., around an old mansion of the 18th century. The landscape is typical of Attica’s landscape.  The climate is characterized by very strong winds and mild temperatures. The existing vegetation consists of cypress, olive groves, palm trees -nearby the entrance of the old mansion- citrus trees and agave plants. The landscape architecture of the historic farm focused mainly on the planning of the various cultivations and planting areas, in order to achieve the best aesthetic and functional result for the estate. Particular emphasis was given to the area around the pool closed to the mansion. 


Therefore, the planting design was proposing trees and low grasses found in the natural beach, creating the feeling of sand dunes. In a relative distance from the pool, the slope which unifies this area with rest of the farm was covered by aromatic species. Selectively, the lawn was restricted around the mansion, the pool and the playground area. Particular attention was given to the planting design of playing fields, in order to integrate them to the landscape. For this reason, the proposed hedges were following the geometrical form of the fences and slowly degenerated to more natural formations. Nearby, the entrances and the parking areas, planting was creating the feeling of arrival. Special emphasis was given to the creation of a vineyard, an olive grove and an orchard.  





Kalivia, Attica



60000 m2



2002 - 2006

10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

Τ-F 2106136246


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