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The house is located in Halandri and had a garden unmaintained for many years. As a result many trees such as poplars shaded the garden preventing any new vegetation to grow and the weeds were spreading everywhere.

The garden design was based on the creation of a central cycling path which crosses various green areas of different landscape character. Initially, the site was cleared of weeds, that had overwhelmed the greater part of the garden, and lots of trees were trimmed. Nearby the front entrance of the house, a sitting area was created and the proposed planting structure was mostly consisted of perennials, herbs and aromatic plants. Along the cycling routes an orchard, a space for children games were proposed, as well as an old rose garden was ameliorated. Around the parking area tall shrubs of Greek flora were planted and a vegetable garden was created in the back garden, serving for the daily food needs of the family.

The landscape design of the garden aimed at the improvement of the site and at the proposal of new uses that would meet the demands of family. The basic design principles were the use of indigenous planting species and the replacement of lawn by a meadow of wildflowers.  The particular study included planting and irrigation drawings of the garden.


Private Garden



Chalandri, Attica



700 sqm




10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

Τ-F 2106136246


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