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The goal of the landscape architecture of this 5* hotel was to present solutions which can fulfil the needs of the clients to maintain and to increase the attractiveness of the existing natural landscape. Therefore, the design took into consideration the particular climatic and geomorphological demands of the area, trying to integrate the hotel complex into the dry landscape of the Plaka area. The landscape design proposal focuses on the organization of planting and concludes to a typology of vegetation based on the different land uses.

More specifically, the entrances are planted with grasses, aromatic plants and individual trees such as olives, without blocking the views of the visitor towards the building and creating landmarks for better orientation.  The slopes along the central paths are carefully planted with medium and low indigenous shrubs, in order to retain the soil. Group of round shape shrubs replace the turf, and reduce the water consumption. Medium and tall shrubs combined with cypresses and olives are proposed around the amphitheater, while an olive grove contributes to its integration into the surrounding landscape.

Around the pool low herbaceous plants are planted creating small sand dunes leaving unobstructed the views towards the sea. Linear compositions with lavender and cypress enhance the central corridors. Fruit trees are placed in the inner yards, where low shrubs tolerant to shade are proposed in selected areas.  

The special structure of the landscape of the hills is reflected in the proposed green roofs of the hotel complex. In particular, it is proposed to install an extensive green roof system with grasses and herbaceous herbs, with low maintenance requirements, in a harmonious composition with the landscape of the area.





Plaka, St. Nicolas



6000 m2




10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

Τ-F 2106136246


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