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Conference «Aesthetics: Architecture, Landscape, Archaeology».

The conference under the theme Aesthetics: Architecture, Archaeology and Landscape Architecture , organized by the Michelis Foundation, took place at the Athens Concert Hall, on February 5, 2020.

The multifaceted dimension of Landscape Architecture was presented to a wide audience. The President of PHALA, Dr. Aikaterini Goltsiou, focused her speech on collective memory and place identity, highlighting the role of modern landscape architects in the preservation and promotion of landscapes of collective memory. Ms. Martha Fajardo, ex-President of IFLA, spoke about initiatives on the landscape in Latin America, focusing on activism - a manifesto for landscape protection and practice: how to reconcile the city, nature and aesthetics-. Mrs Jala Makhzoumi, Professor of Landscape Architecture at the American University of Beirut and President of the Lebanese Association of Landscape Architects, referred to the historical transformations of urban culture, in particular to landscape policy and practice in Beirut

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