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The AirBnB Villa is located at Vourkari in Kea and expands to a sloping area of 8000 m2.  The garden is exposed to sea winds and it is dominated by low scrub vegetation.  The soil and water salinity and the exposure to sea winds, were among the main factors which determined the selection of plant species.

The landscape design was based on the introduction of landscape elements of Kea. Therefore, the various areas were initially designed to introduce the visitor to the landscape of Kea and then to crop farming activities in the area.

The landscape of Kea is characterized by an extensive network of trails, oak forests, fruit-bearing crops mainly almonds, streams and mills, terraces, and maquis vegetation. Thus, the landscape elements originally transferred to the garden, by creating pathways between herbs, living spaces overlooking the sea and areas with pebbles as imitation to torrents of Kea.

Near the Villa, newly designed areas offer the opportunity for relaxation. The lawn was kept to a minimum. In order to address the shortage and poor quality of water, we have selected the certified hybrid Paspalum (Platinum Paspalum). At the Perimeter of recreational and entertainment areas, plantations of fruit trees (almonds, pears, figs, sloes, olives, quince, etc.) were installed. While for the stabilization of slopes of terraces sporadic mass plantings were created, leaving room for natural colonization of the native plants of the area.

Finally, the harmonious connection and integration of the AirBnB Villa into the landscape was achieved with the creation of an extensive green roof type, mainly consisting of herbs. The aim was to reintroduce nature into the area of the estate.

During the implementation of the landscape study, we have prepared a set of landscape drawings (master plan, plating plan, irrigation drawings and lighting drawings). The management of the construction of the garden-estate is held by our office and the supervision of the maintenance is ongoing until today.




Bourkari, Kea



8 ac




10 D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

T-F 2106136246


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