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Gavdos island was selected as a pilot study from the Ministry of Development and Investments, Management Organization Unit Of Development Programs (MOU), in Greece, in order to develop an islandscape character assessment methodology for the islands. In order to implement this objective, 5 phases were undertaken:

Phase 1-Design and Observation:It is basically devoted to: a) a systematic review of information regarding visual, physical and cultural attributes, policies and governance systems. More specifically, the desk study was based on: 1) the review of relevant background reports, other qualitative and quantitative data and mapped information, 2) the application of this information in the creation of a series of map overlays of landscape factors for the area of interest, and 3) the first draft definition of landscape division units (LDUs).

Phase 2 - Mapping island landscape types: The mapping procedure aimed to conclude to draft islandscape types (ICTs), by a) overlaying thematic layers of natural and cultural factors, b) transforming data into information, c) incorporating to basic thematic maps extra attributes (eg Slope, Aspect, Visibility ). In order to capture the human perception, a visual analysis is conducted. 

Phase 3- Field survey:The field work aimed to identify the key characteristics and activities that contribute to local distinctiveness and sense of place and to gather information about the condition of the Islandscape, in particular the impact of recent change. Main destination roots from the sea and mainland were decided in order to capture the views from land to sea, sea to land, along the coastline, in the mainland and the effect on Islandscape from the conjunction of sea and land.

Phase 4- Classification & description:Final maps of Islandscape character types were produced, identifying the key characteristics and pressures.

Phase 5- Land uses compatibility and landscape design guidelines: Landscape design guidelines derived from a combination of the above results.


Landscape Character Assessment


Gavdos Island




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