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The elaboration of the Landscape Management Plan of the Syggrou Estate was assigned by the IGE to Dr. Aikaterini Goltsiou (Landscape Architect M.LA Univ. Of Edinburgh, Agronomist AUA), and to special advisors:
-Apostolos Touplikiotis (Forester-Environmentalist, AUTh)
-Panagiotis Kapsalis (USA Economist. Panteion University)
-Skoura Speech (Landscape Architect M.LA Univ. Of Edinburgh, Agronomist AUA)
The landscape management study sets as its goal the preservation and strengthening of the ecological value of the Syggrou Estate for the benefit of the citizens, through realistic and applicable actions and with respect to this heritage. The ultimate goal for the management plan was to become a practical tool for planning, within the framework set by the bequest and the current legal status.
The main objectives of the study for the development of the Syggrou Estate were:

  • Protection, conservation and development of the natural environment.

  • Development of the agricultural potential.

  • Organizing leisure and sports activities

  • Creating a training pole on agricultural production.

  • Utilization of the historical and cultural elements of the place.

In particular, the main objectives including actions were:

  • Resolving issues of fire protection, security in the area.

  • Commencement of rescue operations - restoration works of buildings.

  • Access configuration and recovery network and infrastructure networks.

  • Reconstruction / Revival of crops and restoration of greenhouses

  • Organization of existing open spaces as recreation centers.

The proposed Intervention Axes, which will determine the specific objectives and measures - actions for the development of the Syggrou Estate are:
The educational axis:It concerns the strengthening, improvement and development of the provision of agricultural lifelong learning services, in the fields of Floriculture and Agricultural Holdings based on the principles of Landscape Architecture, Ecological Management and Sustainable Development.
The management axis:The management axis concerns the management of the Estate's facilities in collaboration with the neighboring Municipalities and the Region for the resumption of cultural and sports_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badcf58d_events.


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