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Thegarden is located at Nea Pedeli Attica and it consists of two basic levels, with SE orientation. The initial goal of the landscape architectural study was to shape the relief, in an effort to connect the two levels in a harmonious way and to highlight the views to Athens. The garden design was based on the privacy of the various spatial units, taking into account the microclimate conditions of the area.

The garden design of the first level, which is submerged in relation to the road, took into consideration the elevation difference and the existing planting. For this reason, a jardiniere was built, in order to incorporate an existing pine tree and to cover the surrounding high walls with shrubs and climbing plants. Most of this garden level consists of a lawn and ornamental grasses in combination with aromatic plants. A small vegetable garden was created at the corner of the garden. Lavender, rosemary and marigold were planted around it for biological control of insects. A marble staircase was designed to integrate harmoniously a natural rock garden and to facilitate the access from the second level of the garden.

The second level of the garden consists of a seating area and a jacuzzi. A hedge planting of low shrubs and ornamental grasses surrounds the second level of the garden without hiding the views to Athens. Rectangular marble slabs, combined with black basalt pebbles, were placed around the building and created a path around the garden.

At the third level, where is the roof top of the warehouse, a green roof was constructed following the landscape specifications. Accordingly, plants resistant to shade microclimate conditions were selected.

During the landscape architecture study, initial drafts and subsequent definitive plans of general layout, planting, irrigation, lighting and design details were drawn up.


Private Garden



Nea Pedeli,




200 m2




10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

T-F 2106136246

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