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The house is located in PsYchiko and includes a central garden and a semi-intensive green roof garden. The main request of the owners was to create a central area of turf and the planting to be restricted along the boundaries and around the pool. Planting should be as simple as possible following the minimal style of the house.

The garden design originally proposed the planting of climbers and tall shrubs along the perimeter of the house. Around the pool, herbaceous species found mainly on the banks of lakes, were planted. Aromatic low shrubs were placed around the area of turf. A small vegetable garden was created nearby the kitchen of the house, after specific desire of the owner. The planters in inaccessible parts of the garden were planted with shrubs that do not require constant care. A large olive tree was planted at the entrance of the house.

Herbs were selected to cover the green roof on the third floor of the house. Similarly, tall shrubs were planted in boxes in order to prevent the strong winds and to preserve the privacy of the room.

The study of garden design initially included preliminary drawings in the form of sketches, for the better understanding of the proposal by the customer. The final landscape design included master plans, planting and irrigation plans.


Private Garden



Psychiko, Attica



250  m2




10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

T-F 2106136246

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