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The block house is located in Voula, and consists of two main residences. The main garden is developed in the central part between the two houses. The basic desire of the owners was to have a swimming pool and a sitting area for the gatherings of the family members.

The landscape design concept aimed at a linear development of land uses and was based on the design of the water future as a dominant landscape element. In relation to the swimming pool, a wooden floor (deck) was created, covering the largest part of the garden. In a sequence, the lawn became a bridge between the front and the back garden, where a barbecue was installed. The planting design emphasized a linear composition of shrubs especially along the fence, between the different surfaces and around the central garden. Also, aromatic plants were proposed for the various flower beds.

The study of garden design initially included preliminary drawings in the form of sketches, for the better understanding of the proposal by the customer. The final landscape design included master plans, planting, irrigation and lighting plans.


Private Garden



Voula, Attica



420  m2




10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

T-F 2106136246

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