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This playground design project was implemented by Katerina Gkoltsiou in collaboration with Maria Tsagari, Architect and Landscape Architect and it was commissioned by the Pedeli Municipality in Greece. The study area refers to the playground area located at Nea Penteli, in the north suburbs of Athens. 

The design concept was based on the history of the region, related the history of the Duchess of Plaisance, the tower of whom is located at the area of ​​Penteli. Therefore, the key element of the playground design was the castle, which was placed in the center of the playground. Around it a number of games were placed symbolizing the villages outside the castles.


In the playground, two ranges of activities (an area for infants and an area for children 6-14 years) were proposed.  The older children (noisy area) were restricted around the castle.  Games for disabled children were placed nearby the castle, but not close to the traffic zone, in order to avoid any accidents.


During the design process, many factors were taken into consideration such as the location, the traffic, the accessibility, the movement of children, the security, the variety of games, the educational character of the area and the microclimate.


The aim of the planting proposal was to use indigenous plant species, ensuring a clear structure, a readability and good function of the individual spaces.





N. Pedeli, Attica



10 D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

T-F 2106136246


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