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The project was commissioned to the design team TPA and DAO by the Jordan Greater Amman Municipality. Our office was asked to provide its consultancy services for the planting design of the park.


The Planting Design aimed to create attractive and functional open air spaces. The design criteria followed the principles of sustainable landscape design and biodiversity enhancement. The main idea was to create a xeriscape, using low-water consuming plants, limiting turf areas, a mixture of drought-tolerant and lush plants such as palm trees, giving the oasis effect where it is required.


The area of the park was divided in the following zones which consisted of particular vegetation types: 

Zone 1.The idea of woodland, which is mainly characterized by pine trees and shrubs, usually found in the Mediterranean zone, was introduced. This composition of trees and shrubs was used around the sports fields creating buffer zones and contributing to noise protection.


Zone 2.This particular zone was characterized by thematic gardens mainly consisting of indigenous medicinal and herbal plants, which were a promising market sector for the country as promoted by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) the National Canter for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer (NCARTT), the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN).


Zone 3. In this particular zone, orchards and vegetable gardens were proposed, creating market places for the local people.


Zone 4.This area incorporated the idea of a mini oasis around the recreation areas. A mixture of drought-tolerant trees and lush plants such as palm trees were giving the oasis effect.


Zone 5.This zone incorporated the areas around the museum and the main avenues. The level gardens beside the Museum were mainly planted by Pine and Jacaranda species obstructing selectively the views towards the museum and embellishing its facades. Long blossoming ground covers and shrubs were proposed along the terraces emphasizing the entrance towards the Museum.





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