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The Farmhouse is located at Neos Boutzas in Attica, Greece and expands to an area of 6000 m2. The farm is characterised by the plantation of many varieties of citrus, apple, pear trees, and grapes, while a significant proportion occupies the area of vegetables. Dense clusters of Cypress separate the production areas of the garden from the seating and recreational areas. A special structural element of this farm is the pergola with the climbing vines, which connects the building with the secondary entrance of the estate.


The goal of the landscape architecture of this estate was to present solutions which can fulfil the needs of the client to maintain and enhance the agricultural character of the farm and to increase the attractiveness of the existing rural landscape. Technical aspects of the terrain were also taken into consideration. Xenophyte species, indigenous of the landscape of Attica, were planted. The most dominant elements of the synthesis were the water, in the form of the pool, and the pergolas.  The hardscape was kept to a minimum, and it was restricted around the house, nearby the pool and close to the other ancillary spaces. The connection of the various spatial units was achieved by a network of paths of organic shapes.  

The most characteristic point of interest was the hierarchy of open spaces and the intimacy that was created with the help of planting design. Special consideration was taken for the enhancement of Mediterranean agricultural character. Planting design followed the general landscape design concept of garden’s integration into the landscape.  In order to fulfill the needs for a shortage of water, the planting zones created a system of concentric circles centered on the house and the plants were grouping according to their water needs.

During the implementation of the landscape study, we have prepared a set landscape drawings (master plan, plating plan, irrigation drawings and lighting drawings). The management of the construction of the garden-estate is held by our office and the supervision of the maintenance is ongoing until today.





N. Voutzas, Attica



6000 m2




Πίσω σε όλα τα έργα

10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

Τ-F 2106136246


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