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ACE 'Climate Change & Built Heritage' conference.

The President of IFLA Europe has participated at ACE Conference

The president of Ifla Europe has participated at the roundtable with the #NEBC representatives and Ruth REICHSTEIN, I.D.E.A., Advisory Board of the President of the Commission and the New European Bauhaus Collective (NEBC).

Photo credit: IFLA Europe Communication Group

In the 21rst century, Landscape Architects are facing the challenges to conserve, develop and manage our landscapes, to ensure climate resilience, as an extension of the European Green Deal or the new European Bauhaus Declaration.

Understanding the city as landscape creates the opportunity to conceptually revise current practices in urban interventions. Climate change mitigation and adaptation options should be multifunctional and to be addressed on a multilevel perspective.

It is imperative that Climate challenges are part of the design, planning and management of landscapes, which are fundamental resources for the welfare of future generations.

Landscape architects are well qualified to take a leading role in dealing with climate change and to deliver climate solutions at all scales.

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