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The Farm is located in Limnos and covers a relatively flat area of ​​11.5 ha. The region is famous for its growing cereals. For years the land was fallow. The area is located near the sea and exposed to strong winds.

The landscape architecture of the farm focused mainly on the organization of crops, obeying to the principles of crop rotation. The planning of growing vines, olive groves, orchards, cereals, legumes, vegetables and herbs took into consideration the microclimatic conditions,  the soil characteristics  and the orientation of the individual parcels. Particular emphasis was given to the selection of local varieties of cereals, legumes and vegetables. In an attempt to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the site, the rural character was preserved. All the natural features were exploited. Due to strong winds a small turbine was placed providing continuous electricity to the farmhouse. The small stream that crosses the southern part of the farm was used to capture the rainwater and was exploited in conjunction with the existing well nearby the house. Due to water shortage, an anhydrous cultivation of vegetables was proposed. All the plant residues were utilized for compost in a special recycling place.

During the implementation of the landscape study, a draft biennial crop rotation plan and a market research were composed. Then, a preliminary planting design was presented to the client, in order to finalize the proposal.  This design was explaining in detail the different planting zones (hedgerows, crops, herbs, etc.). At the end, planting and  irrigation drawings  were finalized and a program of cultivation and maintenance was  submitted to the client. This study was prepared by our office agrodesign (





St. Antonios, Limnos



11500 m2




10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

Τ-F 2106136246


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