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The project was about the landscape design of green spaces of BLUM Company. BLUM OFFICES are situated at the industrial area of Markopoulo at Koropi.

The main idea of the design was to create a natural landscape, typical of Attica, in order to incorporate the industrial building to the surrounding environment. All the biophysical and climatic limitations as well as the surrounding land uses were taken into consideration. The main concerns were a) to hide the unpleasant views and therefore to reinforce the boundaries with tall hedges, b) to be as minimal as possible concerning the planting design and as a result to limit the needs for a heavy maintenance, c) to use xerophytic plants in combination with other materials such as gravel in order to minimize the water needs, d) and the implementation of the idea to be in a reasonable cost as well as its maintenance.

The industrial landscape was transformed to a natural Mediterranean garden comprised by scattered groups of shrubs and trees, in organic shaped formulations. Cypresses and Olives were randomly placed in the organic shaped parterres, along the main curved path of the garden, in order to enhance its Mediterranean character. A minimum number of species were used in each parterre or unit, for easy maintenance and permanent good appearance.


Private Garden


Markopoulo, Attica



8924 m2




10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

Τ-F 2106136246


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