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The garden is located in the area of ​​Kommeno in Corfu.The plot is surrounded by olive trees, located on a hill, offering amazing panoramic views to the sea.
The landscape architecture study took into consideration the landscape of the surrounding area in an effort to harmoniously connect the excavated house with the garden. In line with the rural landscape, which is characterized by olive groves and dry stone walls, the landscape design imitated the nature, using  materials and plants from the area. The garden design was based on the degree of privacy of the various spatial units, as they are structured in three levels and took seriously the microclimatic conditions of the area. The garden design followed the geometric and organized layout of the different uses (accesses, lawn areas, swimming pool, living areas), nearby the house and then the more natural one, with spiral trails and plantings. The existing trees were preserved while the new ones were placed in places so as not to obstruct the view to the sea. The paved  surfaces followed the logic of the interior of the house, regarding the choice of texture and color of the materials. Finally, a part of the garden was planted with local fruit trees (kumquat, lemons, almonds, greens, pears, etc.).
During the implementation of the landscape architecture study, drafts and final master plans, planting and irrigation, lighting, drwaings, accompanied by construction details, were prepared.


Private Garden







4000 m2




10, D. Psatha str., Melissia 15127

Τ-F 2106136246


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